About Me

Brief history

Chances are that since you are here you know who I am. For the rest of you here is a short biography:

I was born in Greece at the beginning of the 80's and spent all of my life there until the age of eighteen when I left to study Engineering at the University of Leeds - UK.

I returned to Greece to fulfill my national service in the Greek Army. On discharge I was exceedingly lucky and found myself working for Athens 2004 the Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games. This was an absolutely amazing way to start my career meeting great colleagues and given the very important role of the Deputy Venue Techhology Manager (Deputy VTM).

After the Completion of the Olympic and Paralympic Games I was given the opportunity to go to Saudi Arabia and work for Saudi Archirodon Ltd. as a Design and Site Engineer. It was there where I made my first real start in engineering working in industrial Power Generation and Petrochemical projects as well started my diving career.

Two years later I returned to London - UK to work for IMEG Ltd the Oil and Gas Division of Sir Frederick Snow & Partners which is a member of the ACE International Group. At the same time I joined the South Middlesex Scuba Divers Club a Branch of the British Sub Aqua Club or BSAC

In June 2007 I started working for the Water & Environment Department of ATKINS. It was a steep learnig curve introducing me to the Water and Sewage industries. Further to my work on Asset Surveys I was involved in Risk Assessments using FMECA, plant conceptual design and strategic development in the UK, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. At around that time I started diving with Diving Leisure London and continued my training with the K&E SAC. I greatly enjoyed London at the time and contributing factors to that was my amazing flatmates in Clapham Junction.

In 2011 (not sure what possessed me) I decided to leave my job, friends and Clapham to move to the Oil & Gas industry in Aberdeen. I started my career in Verification working for Bureau Veritas and joined Deeside Sub Aqua Club my local BSAC branch. It was probably at that time when I first found myself surrounded by Close Circuit Rebreather Divers.

I decided to join Shell UK Ltd in 2013 and continued working as a Verification Engnieer until 2016 when moved to Subsea and by far the most exciting role in my career. At the same time my diving progressed and I became a rebreather diver.

In 2017 I joined a newly formed independent and very ambitious Operator Chrysaor UK Ltd as a Verification Engineer and not long after that I bought a house in Aberdeen and somewhere between refurbishing it and COVID19 i have all but quitted diving!

In general hobbies include:

Reading and listening to books, Listening to (preferably LOUD) Music, Going to Cinema and / or Theater, Hiking, Cycling, Swimming, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Automotive Sports and Traveling.


I am a bit of a geek and I like numbers. I also like measuring and monitoring stuff (that probably no one else cares abpout) so here are some graphs: