Diving Planning


This is a sub section of my website dedicated to dive planning. To ensure safe diving operations all dives have to be planned. The No Decompression Limit (NDL) and / or any decompression obligations must be understood.

Dive planning should also include gas consumption calculations to ensure that adequate supply is available to execute the dive.

Historically tables developed by different dive training organisations were used to plan dives. More recently dive planning applications and software have replaced the traditional tables.

You can use the links below to plan your dive using your preffered ste of tables. The website is buit so that you can plan one single dive, two or three repetitive dives. I have decided to limit the number of repetitive dives to 3 only because that is more often the case.


The purpose of this website is to solve existing diving tables


The scope of this website covers the following diving tables:

Further development

I would like to add one more section that compares diferent agency tables for the same gass. For Example PADI, BSAC, NOAA Air or PADI, BSAC, NOAA NOx28

Depending on how well my programming skills develop i would like to include gas calculations too (but that is work for later)

Further to that I need to make the "output" more visible (red/bold maybe?), auto calculate on value entry rather than press of button and replace the links with dropdown menus