Revision History

11 2022 Added Javascript
moved to new host, rebuilt in html
10 2014 upgraded to Premium Wordpress. looks fancy
9 2012 migrated to Wordpress.
8 Oct 2010. More dives added under diving and
changed the page frames.
7 20/07/2010. Removed the side navigation menu.
6 21/06/2010. Updated the website with new blog,
guestbook, removed Yahoo status and counter.
5 No visible changes. But the whole site is re-authored
in HTML. No WYSIWYG editor was used.
4 All the fancy effects from MS Front Page Theme are removed
No changes in the text or content of the site.
The Theme was removed.
The News Section is replaced by my Blog (easier...)
3 Sometime back in 2004. Once more I find myself with quite a lot of time
in my hands and don't know what to do with it!
The fanciest ever revision of the site. Probably the only one
that looked like a proper web site and not like an amateurs work :)
The bilingual option is removed. I can't be asked to maintain the same
page in two languages. Maybe in the future... The old Gallery was removed and now
my Yahoo! album is used instead.
A new feature is added! My site now has a Guestbook! surprisingly
it got signed!!!
2 That's just me again being a fanatic!!!!
I have re done the whole page using Netscape Composer!
There is no visible difference although the site has been re-done
from the very beginning!!!
1 The first revision of my site!!! sometime ago back in 2001 While I am
in Leeds waiting for my exams results and since I have nothing to do
I decide to build a web page using Microsoft Front Page.
0 The beginning!!!
Impressed from a friend's homepage I decided to built my own
A very ambitious plan that started with a single page built using
Yahoo Geocities Web Site Building Utility!!!
Not impressive...